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Founded in 1962 and managed by Turku Ornithological Society, the Jurmo Bird Observatory is located in the southern rim of the Turku Archipelago. The vegetation and scenery in Jurmo are unique, which attracts a wide and distinct range of birds both to breed on and to migrate via the island and the surrounding waters.

Jurmo is easily accessible by m/s Eivor, departing from Pärnäs. The boat trip is free of charge. For the ship’s schedule, click “Kulkuyhteydet”. You can reach the ship by bus or by car.

The bird station is located in the Jurmo Village, near the chapel. There are seven beds, a fridge, a stow and, of course, a sauna. During the cold season you’ll need to warm the traditional oven. You’ll need your own bedding and food, but drinking water you can get from a nearby well.

Jurmo BO aims at gathering scientifically sound data for ecological research, thus basic identification skills are required. The most important routines from March 1st to November 15th are a two-hour migration watch starting at sunrise and a standardised route in the western part of the island, circulating the best waterfowl and wader shores. If there are time and resources, an additional, less compulsory standard route in the eastern part of the island should also be walked through. After that, you’re free to use the day as you like. In wintertime, the sparse hours of daylight should be efficiently used for observation.

In recent years, the observatory has been manned effectively year-round, with activity in more than 300 days and 15 000 – 25 000 birds ringed per year.

The data obtained at Jurmo Bird Observatory has been used in many scientific papers, most recent being climate research. Notable uses have also been The Birds of SW Finland in 2003 and The 2010 Red List of Finnish Species. See "Julkaisuluettelo" for a publishing catalogue.

So how do you get yourself a place on the observatory? In section “Varaustilanne” there is a calendar with up-to-date daily reservations. There is space for seven people, two beds being reserved for ringers during spring and autumn though. Observers are marked with “m” and ringers with “r”. If you find a free in the calendar and are willing to fill it, contact <jurmo(at)> and make your reservation.

If you are a foreign ringer, please note that you’ll need a Finnish ringing permission in order to ring here. If you have one, please contact <jurmo at> for detailed ringing instructions.

The annual fee for accommodating on the observatory is 36 euros regardless of whether you stay for two or fifty nights. The fee shall be paid to the observatory’s bank account: IBAN FI58 2341 1800 0045 35.